Moving to a new office space because of the reduction or modernize is a monumental task that involves more stress than moving home. You can't shut down business for a week, but you can't do usual business also. Move around the people in the office this is a situation of uncertainty that is certainly frustrated everyone involved.

In this process, the whole production is reduced due to the relocation of its own, and, also, the fact that computer networks need to be rebuilt and the office furniture should be rearranged to meet the new space. We're here to help. Follow our advice to ensure a smooth transition from early planning to restore order at the end of the tumultuous journey to your new social houses for the homeless.

Plan the Move to Your New Office

Although this may be an interesting time to leave the old office looking for a new opportunity, there are many things that a business owner or operations manager should consider to ensure effective shift to the new office. First, plan ahead and plan with key members of your organization. With a move of this magnitude, you can't save it, it will take three to five months to prepare everything if you want to perfect the move.

Every important member of the bureau must assume part of overall responsibility for the move, including key deadlines. You will also need a" mobile manager", which is not the most important person in the building. Your operator should deal with important issues, so designate a responsible person to take care of tasks and make sure people know that moving is the number one priority until the transition is complete.

In addition, the process includes plans for a new office, and also a plan for where you will find equipment and office furniture, and where you will find a common area to maximize the performance of your business. Finally, it should create a moving budget and develop cost of at a stretch, and do everything possible not to deviate far from the maximum amount allowed. Disciplined.

Find a Reputable Office-Moving Company

By renting a large office company to transport the rest of the business your new residence, find a reliable stevedore with excellent history. Recommendations from people who you know have made the move is your best option, but reading the comments on Yelp and Google also helps. You can spend the whole day reading reviews from the most popular mobile company and do it right. Even though the research companies, find five professional office engine that you think meet the initial requirements, then survey every person for more information.

At the interview with potential office movers, ask the following questions to confirm the company's efficiency and reliability:

- Ask your potential docker if they use full time personnel or outsourcing their transportation equipment. If the moving company with additional contracts. work, it can provide less reliable service. Moving companies that using staff relocation equipment comply with the higher standards and demand responsibility for their actions, which is hard to do with the free workers. In addition, contract workers are generally required to undergo background test and drug screening test.

- Ask your prospective docker how do you train your crew and how much experience you have. The transport company you choose must have been professionally trained shippers with vast experience.

- Ask your prospective docker how they protect against loss and damage to your office property, particularly fragile furniture and equipment. If you're dealing with a reputable moving company, you can answer this question quickly and in detail.

- Ask your potential docker about the insurance options. What basic protection does the company provide and what options are available to purchase additional protection? You should cover all the assets in your office in case of damage or theft.

Once you have interviewed five potential candidates, reducing your choice to the top three companies. Then get a personal assessment. Moving company professionals understand the importance of evaluation on a site for such a large move. Get three sentences in writing and reading each of the small font a bit, looking for hidden rates and unusual language that requires further explanation. From there, select the best moving company that fits your moving budget.

Consider renting all-inclusive moving company, at an hourly rate. For example, Royal Moving and Storage, professional freight transport company that has offices across the west coast from California to Washington, offering the rate per hour that covers everything from packaging materials to fuel, and never charge extra for stairs or other obstacles. In addition, commercial moving is a specialized area, and Royal Moving has the knowledge and experience to manage moves and move your business efficiently and economically, minimizing the disruption that happens with a move of this scale.

Finally, it is important to hire a moving company a few months before the move. Therefore, once you know the date of your move, Sign up for the moving company professionals. If you do not, you will reduce your options, which can cause you to hire a company that is not on the top of the list.

Efficiently Packing Your Office

It is in your interest, that your employees pack your office and desk, with the right label that no one can be confusing. If a company outside of the pack to the office, it created a disaster when it arrives in a new building. All the people will look to things, which will wreak havoc and reduce the production. In fact, you can also direct your employees to personally bring a couple of boxes of "important" to work on "day 1" of the move.

In addition, while packing, take photos of the complete box before your employees lock them up safe and place the photo in the database along with a detailed description of who the box belongs to and where it goes in an office building. In fact, make an inventory of each box, respectively furniture and every piece of equipment so if something is lost or broken by the removal company, you have the information necessary to request a replacement item.

Understand the New Building's Regulations

Some office buildings have specific rules about moving. There are often limits on the days and hours of the day that the company can move into the building. There may be limitations on the cargo elevator and sometimes you have to serve them. Also, discuss the parking proposal. Where can moving trucks park? Find out in advance so your engine has the good parking spots to meet the efficient race.

Get Your IT in Order When Moving Your Office

Your technology drives your business if you work in the 21st century, and more than any other problem, you IT the situation should be fine long before you move. How do you turn off the computer technology and how you connect at the other end? His IT department should develop exceptional plans and estimates to implement the plan. Take you to the new building is a big job that involves computers, servers, phones, and connects everything. There is enough wiring and plugs? What is already available and what can the building support office? Like the problem with you, this can be a big part of your moving budget. The move also provides a good time to donate, recycle or sell old equipment and switch to a new technology that may cost a bit in advanced, but save the dollar (and get more dollars) in the long term. There's a company that will buy them THAT is inherited with a plan to collect the precious metals and other components.

Downsize Your Office Equipment

You don't need to move any items in your office that do not have the space or use. It is the time to go through every corner of your office, and go through each of the dusty drawer, and get rid of items that are not necessary. Don't crowd your new office with obsolete or broken items that are no purpose to anyone at the other end.

The first step to downsizing is to measure your current office and the new place of work to determine how much space you have after the move. It is only practical to reduce your belongings with the percentage of space you lose. In other words, you should customize your office furniture according to the scale of the new office or the difference in square meters.

When you reduce the size, take one room or area at a time, and do not try to make the whole cut in one day because it is practical or possible. Make a schedule and spend a few hours exploring each place in your office. Starting in the less crowded areas and then move to the place of your employees use the most.

He never believed a lot of «may be». With downsizing, there is no choice of that not limited. In other words, use the Ohio rule «deal with this only once». Move your stuff from one pile to another takes too much time and sometimes lead you anywhere and make you want to stop.

Use the two year rule to determine what to keep, from manual, to the cable box, the Old Coffee Maker. If you do not use one article in two years, get rid of it. If you have two identical elements, one of them should disappear. In addition, do not save the broken Times. In fact, just remove them or remove broken things because there is no charity taking broken things.

As stated, if the electronic products recycling company buy and take a long time hardware, this is the best choice. You can not sell other products in the online shop. Here are some places where you can deal with the Office products that you don't need anymore online:

· Craigslist

· Amazon Marketplace

· eBay

Most charities will collect items if they have enough money to make them worth it. Therefore, gather all your donated items, schedule a meeting and do it only once to save time. Also, make sure you get a gift certificate from a charity and deduct the value of the goods from your annual taxes. Here are some donation centers:

· Goodwill

· Habitat for Humanity

· The Salvation Army

Move around the person in this office is a headache, but it did it for good reasons, good for plants or to make more efficient business machine. To make sure everything is running good, appoint the move Manager, involving key players, plan ahead and meet at least once a week to discuss any new problems to find solutions and solve problems quickly. Don't let any Great question a Little splash through the cracks. Stay diligent and alert from day one,and you'll find a smooth road with a couple of lying cops.