Americans move an average of six times in their lifetime, according to investigation carried out Squarefoot.com and around 40 million Americans move out this year alone. I assure you that there are 40 million concerned people-people who have a lot of important decisions and a lot of plans in front of them.

The psychological effect of the move is real, and 58 percent of people say the moving process more stressful for a couple than planning a wedding. In fact, 31 percent of those who move in with a partner say they got some of their worst arguments while on the move, that leads to one fact: moving is the most stressful events in life, even more than divorced or starting a new job.

Parents have special problems because they have to take care of themselves, their spouse and, more importantly, their children, the mental preparation through the process of becoming a priority. Statistics show that families with children spent eight days planning, packing and moving.

Mental health problems associated with the move to create a pressure that causes the people who suffer from age-related symptoms such as people report feeling and look two years older. During the move, 10 percent of people who suffer from hair loss, 14 percent experienced short term memory loss, and 19 percent experience anxiety at the clinical level.

The main cause stress following:

- The home search process

- The cost of deposits and early payments

- The process of searching for a reputable packing and transport company

- The cost of hiring a professional docker

- Uncover process

To help you reduce stress, we have eight tips to help you get through the process of moving. When we are not able to help you find the perfect home once you do, our stress reduction guide offers a way to save money and move efficiently.

1) Plan WAY Ahead in Order to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Be sure to start the planning process as soon as possible, i.e. as soon as you know the date of your move. Because moving is one of the most stressful life events, most of us tend to delay the pipeline as long as possible, ultimately creating more stress. Once you have a clear plan that you really register, together with the sticking date, your anxiety decreases.

2) Downsize in Order to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Once you know the date of your move, remove the distractions from your home. Moving to a new residence is the ideal time to get rid of something she never uses. This will not only reduce the amount of things you need to pack up and move, but you can also get money to help with moving costs.

Collect all your items you rarely use or use and sell them in your area or the garage. If you live in an apartment, use Craigslist and sales app like a container. If you're not involved in the sales process or have a problem to sell some of your items, you can help those less fortunate by giving up items you rarely use to a charity. Whether you've got furniture, a bag of used clothing or a lot of equipment, a lot of charities will come to your home and take you with a simple phone call.

Minify is a project that can start a few months before the move. You may not believe it now, but it really helps reduce stress because it is good to get rid of excess baggage (true) and you move to a new residence just with what you really need.

3) Ask for Help in Order to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Ask friends and family to help you move, and help that is not supposed to start 10 minutes before packing your stuff in the truck. Help should start packing belongings at home, and the packaging includes a well thought out plan that starts one month after you move. So, call early, find the ones that have time the weekend before the move to help pack and open something, and other people who have trucks large enough to transport their furniture more great if they are not planning to rent a moving truck.

4) Leave the Packing to Professionals to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Packing is a laborious and grueling task best left to a professional. Professional packing services such as those offered by the Royal Move Along. they are very easy because they provide all the packaging materials you need and delicately pack all of your belongings, label boxes, opened a large furniture and even unload and unpack at your new place if you want.

You will do yourself a bad favor if you do not pay the piano ring if you need help anywhere in your movement, even if it is last minute or it is an emergency. Royal make up and down the local movers on the west coast, long distance movers and commercial movers of any size. They also rent plastic packaging containers that keep their belongings dry and safe, and gives the plastic boxes before the move if you want to pack their own, and then pick up the container once you unpack them. In addition, they offer a "work-only" treatment and storage options. In addition, the entire workforce is protected at a fair hourly rate, and we mean everything. There are no hidden costs.

By leaving the packaging of your property to the packaging professional, you get rid of a lot of anxiety. When the advantages of the packaging, you can focus on the important things that only you can do, such as transferring public service, maintain your regular home and work schedule, and take care of your children which will require additional care to reduce their fear of moving.

Professional packers understand how to pack items of all shapes and sizes, from complex works of art, your flat-screen TV and other sensitive electronic products, every piece of furniture, your small, fragile valuable items, so you don't have to lift a finger or risk damaging something that is important to you.

The packaging requires packaging materials such as foam layers, bubble wrap, furniture covers, packing paper and tape, as well as the box, as well as special containers of various sizes, including box, cabinet, and inserts the separation of the glass and the plate. In other words, professional packers the best stocks and know how to use it. What-what happened to the professional packaging when it comes to protecting their goods.

5) Leave the Heavy Lifting to Professionals to Reduce the Stress of Moving

If you choose to use docker, you have made a good decision because hiring a professional moving company will reduce your stress, what you help you avoid the physical effort involved in moving furniture and boxes from one place to another. Crew move like in the Royal Move Along. they are experts because they move people every day. Therefore, they are fast and effective. Also, if there's something broken or damaged during your move, the removal of insurance cover the cost of the goods.

Many cities have additional trouble of driving, such as steep and narrow streets, limited parking. Professional carriers know how to manage the logistics of your move because they understand how cities work, so this process is not a big load for your Move in Day. Efficiency you reduce anxiety and could be a valuable experience for you.

6) Plan for Your Children and Pets on Moving Day to Reduce the Stress of Moving

If you have kids, they're number one priority. In fact, they may be the reason you move in the first place. You may want more space to them or you may be looking for a good school district or a certain type of school for them. However, on the day of the move, they become a lot management as you move your entire life from one place to another, creating a lot of stress for you. It is best to leave the kids in reliable friend or family home so that they do not get in the way, or get lost in the turbulence while coordinating the progress of the day. When your children are safe, you can focus on the moment of the task and your stress will decrease considerably.

In addition, your pet often go unnoticed while on the move, especially if you're busy reducing your child's fear or anxiety. You can consider placing them in a kennel for the move so they don't get in the way and be happy while discussing all aspects of the move. If you don't have a reliable dog, ask a friend or family member to take care of the pet so that your furry companion does not escape through an open door in the old days or a new home. Lose them, or hit them, and cause wounds, will add a whole new level of stress already stressful effort.

7) Do Not Forget the Small Stuff to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Don't forget the little things that can add stress to your life if you wait until the last minute. For example, you should officially change your address for Postal Service of the United States by completing the change of address form to receive your letters at your new residence. In addition, there are some very important institutions that need to know their new location. In addition, car insurance companies different from county to county, so your insurance company need to know your new location. In addition, notify your bank, credit company and the cell phone operator.

Also, be sure to move the facilities to a new house and cancel the service on the previous page, or you can pay for two seats, or without electricity and water on the day of your move. In some cases, this takes a few days, so go ahead of the curve so you don't run out of facilities for a long period.

Finally, cancel the Social Club membership and gym visit contracts if they are no longer in a convenient place for your new home. These recurring charges can go unnoticed for many months if you are not careful. In addition, the transfer automatic you fill the prescription to the pharmacy nearest to your new residence. In addition, you should change your address on your license and vehicle registration or you could get a ticket if you are caught by the police for any reason.

8) Take Care of Yourself to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Use our tips to get to the top and away from the moments of anxiety. We have to repeat that planning is the key and planning begins as soon as you know the date of your move. Find a good moving company starting at that day, and it's important to plan the packing schedule to ensure you're ready to Move during the Day.

Finally, be carefully to yourself. Get enough sleep, not skipping meals, eat healthy food when you eat and leave your house, full with full and half-full boxes, for a minute to enjoy some time away, there's a hiking trail or even a good one in a hotel room where you can enjoy it. It will keep the anxiety under control and come back with less stress if it is moving away from the chaos by day or night and take the time to take care of himself.